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This is what enriches my life


A vital journey to gain strength and understanding. After many years of living with anxiety, uncertainty, and fears that I felt I couldn’t control, I was introduced to the light that is Isabella and her guiding practice.

This gentle and loving experience has most certainly changed my reality and the way I walk through the world, with the understanding and strength to take on hurdles and appreciate the lessons that each experience in my life is trying to teach me.

Isabella‘s guidance and support throughout the process are invaluable.

Instead of dwelling on the negative emotions, this experience has taught me to confront and understand the changes I need to make, without any negative feelings or blame placed on the past and only positive strengthening actions and thoughts in the present.

By knowing and recognizing how my experiences formed my opinion of myself and the world around me, I can now take control of my reality and change how I react to and experience each moment of this human experience, both with myself and those around me.

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