RTT is Your key to set yourself free from emotional and physical pain

Understanding is power and understanding in hypnosis is the most liberating, transforming power. 


You can’t heal what you don’t understand. 


I had this ongoing fear of public speaking which held me back for longer than 37 years. I could not even hold a presentation in front of 10 people whom I knew. 


Even the thought of it was scary. My heart was beating heavily, my mouth got dry and I started to shiver and to sweat. I felt so much fear it was painful. I declined all invitations and opportunities to speak and to present, whenever I had a chance and trust me, I found all the excuses that were possible. 

During all these years I tried to find a solution to being able to speak up freely and comfortably. I attended a "45 days on stage" course, meditated, used multiple coaching, have gone back and forth in throwing me into speaking too,  but nothing helped. The fear stayed with me.


I finally got rid of it once and for all. 

HOW, one may ask?


An RTT Session has made me understand the issue, the root cause, the belief my mind created years back when I was a child, it’s role, function, and purpose and liberated me for good. 


I realized the amazing effect which the session had on me when I was asked to present before approx. 80 people. Without hesitation, I started to speak. All I felt was calm, happy, in control and most of all, fully relaxed. 

Given that our subconscious mind is responsible for 90% of our actions - if we can change our mind - we can change our behavior and programming.

About Rapid Transformational Therapy

It is an award-winning therapy combining the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP, and Neuroscience. It is informed by hypnosis and hypnotherapy but is a standalone therapeutic approach that empowers you.

You are uncovering the meaning and interpretation of events in your life which hold you back from living your potential or cause pain. Together we go on an incredible journey. We find the reason for your emotional or physical pain. We create a lasting transformation. Continuously repeating patterns are resolved.

The session leads to extraordinary change and liberation. It allows you to recreate your life and to set yourself free. It gives you freedom from limiting beliefs, fears, and addictions.

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What clients say:


Mohamed Elmanjra, Morocco

Mohamed Elmanjra has an Engineering Degree from Ohio State University (Columbus, Ohio) and an MBA in Finance from Suffolk University (Boston). He is a confirmed entrepreneur, he has created various firms (consulting, distribution, etc.), and acts as an expert in Individual Performance and Success and as a certified Coach for the executive. He has also co-written a best-seller about Moroccan Entrepreneurs (Second Edition), named “Surprenants Entrepreneurs Marocains” which highlights 27 success stories in Morocco, and lectures, at ESCA Ecole de Management, courses related to entrepreneurship. 


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Catherine Holmes, Entrepreneur UK

Isabella is a very gifted therapist who has an uplifting presence and a wonderful sense of humor. 

She has a warm friendly personality and she made me feel completely relaxed and reassured.

In just one session she managed to discover my blocks and negative beliefs about relationships and helped me to transform them.

I felt amazing after the session. I now feel happier in myself and confidence in situations that I would have felt very nervous before.

I highly recommend working with Isabella ... she delivers powerful results, and fast!


Thank you, Isabella, 


Cathy, UK


Inès Padar, Switzerland

As an entrepreneur, I am always looking for the latest and most efficient tools that can take me to the next level in my business.

I have always been a pretty DIY type of person, and when I face a challenge, I want to solve it FAST. In the context of my business, I noticed

that fear and anxiety would sometimes flare up when I was relaxing. More specifically, I doubted my ability to perform at 100%, and this would trigger

a vicious cycle of overthinking, feeling bad, thinking, even more, feeling worse, and losing motivation. I tried to solve it myself but was hitting a wall.


I knew I had to act, but most importantly, I was looking for a rapid solution with rapid, visible results. I went to Isabella as I felt she was the right person because she could understand was I was going through, and I felt she was result-oriented. During our work together, she allowed me to uncover the root cause of fear and anxiety. Most importantly, we were able to eliminate these emotions and replace them with much more efficient coping mechanisms, that motivated me to be the best version of myself.


Weeks later, fear and anxiety are gone. Of course, they sometimes try to flare up, but it usually takes less than 5 minutes for me to replace them which much more constructive thoughts and behavior. They have lost all of their power over me!

What is wonderful about Isabella is that she goes straight to the point, and uses no-nonsense methods. She understood my need to get back on tracks as soon as possible, and gave me exactly that!


C.R., Switzerland



What fascinated me about RTT therapy with Isabella Bordoni is that I became aware of certain beliefs during my first therapy session.

At the beginning of the session, I did not know what to expect, although the whole process was described to me very well. I felt an inner restlessness because I thought that I would not be fully aware of what is taking place.


During the session, I realized that I was fully present and I felt calm inside me. The pleasant and friendly voice of Isabella and safe guidance through the process helped me to recognize certain memories that I had repressed.


Through this session, I realized that my beliefs triggered fears in me that made me feel bad and led me to doubt myself and lose my self-confidence.


This has improved through the therapy and I feel that this experience is a new beginning.


At the end of the session, I felt an inner relief and a stone fell off my heart.



8 Key benefits of working together:


  • You set yourself free from limiting beliefs and pain.

  • You redesign and recreate your life.

  • You own your power.

  • You love yourself.

  • Your conscious and unconscious fears are transformed into positivity. 

  • You grow your self-esteem, can let go of grudge, guilt and with this achieve inner happiness.

  • You hold the reins in your own hands and live your dream.

  • You shine your light, you feel powerful, radiant, awake, happy and self-reliable.


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