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Transform Fears and Insecurity Into Positivity and Confidence - Own Your Power - Live Your Dream

Are you feeling stressed?

Does your mind never shut down? 

Do you work endless hours? Believing it is a must to succeed, keep the job?

Are you lashing out at people uncontrollably?

Do your message, content, and input get recognized, and is it taken into

consideration by your team? Your management?

Are you in a relationship yet not living it?

Are you feeling whatever you do, is never good enough?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and overlooked?


     Do you want to turn your sleepless nights, countless worries, overwhelming fears about your future, your health,

      your relationship, your family, your children, your job, and your money into a life of happiness, joy, and wealth?


It took me far too many years of my life to figure out how.

Let me show you the shortcut with proven tools.

Turn your FEARS and Insecurity into POSITIVITY and POWER!

This 9-week  Program includes: 

  • 9 modules, one per week

  • 1 extra module

  • daily exercises

  • 1:1 coaching with me once a week

Isabella Maria Bordoni
Harpreet Chana.jpg

Isabella really is The Empowerment Coach.

Isabella is a warm, passionate and caring woman who is not afraid to give you a swift kick up the backside when you need it most...all the qualities of an amazing coach!


A chance meeting led to Isabella agreeing to coach me through a period of great upheaval in my life.


Her 9 weeks program of specific exercises and weekly encouragement during our calls helped to realign my focus on those things that really matter most helped me to embrace my fears and make the leap from employment into launching my own consulting business. 

Isabella draws on her own unique life experiences to help inform her coaching practice and this is what makes her so inspirational to her students. I found our weekly calls to be hugely motivational and a source of great support. I continue to use what I have learned every day and to practice the art of positivity and inner strength.


Isabella empowered me to make some big changes for the better and has been a fantastic influence in my life, she really is The Empowerment Coach.


Harpreet Chana


8 Key benefits of working together:


  • You are empowered and in charge of your life.

  • You own your power and can say NO in an understanding and approved way.

  • You grow your self-esteem, can let go of grudge, guilt and with this achieve inner happiness.

  • You are able to set healthy boundaries and hold the reins of your life in your hands.

  • You are in control of your emotions and with this, your relationships gain a new level of understanding and respect.

  • You become the observer of whatever is thrown at you and instead of acting out of emotions which in most cases is harmful to the involved parties, you act in an assertive, positive and understanding way by making your point and how you feel clear.

  • Your conscious and unconscious fears are transformed into positivity so you can live your dreams.

  • You shine your light, you feel powerful, radiant, awake, happy and self-reliable.

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