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Passionate About Empowering Others

My story is encouraging and proof of how one can go from having it all, to falling and to having the power, courage & strength to be strong, convinced and raise back up again!


I am a happy mother of two grown-up children, a very happy grandmother and passionate about every aspect of life. I had a lucky, joyful family life; a fancy house, a cozy vacation house, classy cars, splendid and unforgettable vacations, amazing dinners and parties when step by step it started to collapse.

Due to economic reasons, I began working again and within a few years, I became one of those 200% working mothers. Together with my husband, I was determined to keep all plates spinning without letting any fall while still showing the world a face of happiness and success when in truth my home and life fell into pieces. Our business collapsed, my marriage fell apart and nothing was like before for none of us. A story like many nowadays.


I felt devastated and lonely.


My life changed completely and took off to new heights the moment I left victimhood and took over full responsibility for what happened;

stopped blaming others, and most of all:

When I had the courage to be authentic, be myself, share my failures and how I managed to fully recover.

My positivity helps me to walk through heavy rain with a smile on my face and overcome challenges in my life.

According to friends, co-workers, random people I meet and talk to it is captivating.  Wherever they are stuck in, my listening and capability of seeing the positive in any situations, looking out for the needle in the haystack, helps them to realize it too!

By handing out and applying the appropriate and proven tools which I use successfully, allows them to get out of any situation in a peaceful way, liberates them, transforms their fears into positivity and changes their so well adopted viewpoint. 


To bring out the best in a person is what I am here for! 


This cannot be achieved by pointing out the negative but by changing their perceived, habitual angle to the positive and enhance that! People grow with this. They automatically start to think about their positive traits and with this, their own positive feelings towards themselves start to grow slowly but steadily. I keep my clients accountable. With my guidance, they are doing the work. This is what grows them to own their power. 


When I coach people, I assure that they feel better when I end my call or session. This is key to me. The calls and sessions with me are usually ending with waves of happy laughter. I love to show people how to tap into their own power, to look out for the even tiniest positive thing and with this, to be with them together on the journey when they gradually change their lives for the much better. 


For over 37 years I have successfully trained and coached countless adults in sales, marketing, finances, and personal development. I have been very active in mentoring junior associates in developing and maximizing their potential. My clients are from all walks of life.


Twelve years ago,  I went through a personal upheaval time after my divorce, impacting the company I co-founded with the ex-husband. Our company had to be liquidated by me. From one day to another, my life and that of my children were shattered. 


My extraordinary survival skills and my strong belief that whatever you want you can achieve, made me raise back again while finding my true passion which is to empower people, change the mindset in companies, and improve the lives of single mothers.


In my career of over 37 years, I held leading positions such as COO, CFO, Head of Administration, and International Sales Manager in various areas such as the Swiss Government, Int. Corporates, family-owned businesses. For over 11 years I owned a Distribution Company (sportswear, fashion, mid-to luxury segment) shared with the ex-husband. I was also excellently managing and closing Multi-Million Business Deals in the Luxury segment/commodities.


Back in 1983, I was a visionary and implemented a new IT Tool, which was able to read the handwriting together with codes and automized the salary payment of approximately 350 part-time employees in the company I worked. With this, I  was ahead of the game and proved to be a leader in change management.

"Isabella has been recognized as Top Happiness Coach by Coach foundation, one of the biggest names in the coaching industry."

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