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How to stay young and happy despite age

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Celebrating a special day today and having given me this task of getting up each and every morning to write 3 pages in handwriting before breakfast made me think of my life so far going back yep... quite far..the very, very happy, the dark and the challenging sometimes very very heartbreaking times.. this makes one think what the most important in life is......

I am blessed with my children, my daughter in law, my grandson and soon another grandchild and real, close friends. They not only love but also challenge me to make plans for the next years to come... which is amazing.

Each time I look back and get stuck there with regrets, they force me to look into my future and what I want to achieve and most importantly support me so!

My grandmother who raised me is my inspiration. When she was 90 years old we both looked out of her window and she said to me with a smile on her face: Look at these old people out there (her neighbors similar age chatting on a bench)! She never ever felt her age and always was busy supporting and helping others.

That is my secret too! Surround yourself with people who really care, push you towards fulfilling your dream, challenge you and are honest with you.

And... yes!! Keep smiling, have a positive outlook and enjoy the MOMENT like children do!

I found this article interesting to share.

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