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Isabella Maria Bordoni

International Empowerment & Happiness Coach

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Rapid Transformational Therapist #RTT

Certified Hypnotherapist (C.Hyp) 

Set yourself free from
Insecurity, Self-Doubt, Fear, Addictions, Anxiety,  Emotional & Physical Pain

Isabella Maria Bordoni, cert. Clinical Hypnotherapist, cert. RTT Therapist, Empowerment & Happiness Coach, Zürich & London

Turn your life around

Certified RTT Therapist
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

I also do home visits as well as online sessions.


My mission is to empower professionals to ditch their fears, overcome their addictions and be authentic so they can live the life they love, set themselves free, be in their power.

I Successfully Help Professionals Liberate From Addictions, Stress, Insomnia, Emotional & Physical Pain,
Ditch Their Fears And Live A Happy Life within a short time.

A little bit about me:

  • Swiss-born, living in Zurich. I love the heritage of my Swiss-German mother from Zurich and my Swiss Italian father from Gandria, Ticino, with Italian ancestors far back.

  • Business-wise, I am very Swiss German: Punctual, to the point, straightforward and precise.

  • Private my Italian side reveals itself. My joy in life was filled with peals of laughter and talking with my hands.

  • I have gone from growing up filled with love, trust, and liberty, to having it all, to being broke, and back again to success!

  • My positivity is a key trait that is always mentioned by my friends, clients, co-workers, or random people I am meeting.

  • I am embracing life with all its incredible opportunities and wish you to do so too!

My vision is to empower people, encourage them to take action in life and to inspire others. 


I know by my own experience that nothing is impossible, and everyone can unlock the potential they have inside so they can live a happy life and enjoy wealth in all aspects of their lives.

 Live life fully.

What people say

Aziza White

Isabella's sessions have enhanced my life from the inside out

I met Isabella by chance when she was talking to someone in the bathroom at a JT Foxx event in London. She was sharing what she had learned about turning your fear into your power. I am so glad I took the opportunity to listen to what she had to say and connect with Isabella - her sessions have enhanced my life from the inside out.


Isabella's way of helping you deal with your fears is unique. She says that she is not a guru, but what she does is help you raise awareness of your feelings and then find the key to the gate of freedom so you can begin to let that fear go.


Over the 9 weeks coaching programme I was given exercises to do during the week and had a weekly call with Isabella to talk about my progress. Every call was was powerful, enlightening and insightful. 

The exercises were simple and effective that make you go deeper and challenge you. I am now able to observe my thoughts and decide in the moment what is my response, rather than being driven by emotions.  The sessions also helped raise my self-belief and celebrate my strengths and qualities.  Isabella is an intuitive person who gives you a safe space to be vulnerable in an empowering way.  I really felt as if we were on the journey together and I will miss our weekly calls. Thank you Isabella. 


—   Aziza White

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