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My passion is to empower, to liberate and to inspire.

How I can support you on a
Personal level:

To be YOU and with this enjoy abundance and wealth in all aspects of life.


Unleash your power within and feeling alive, respected, loved and happy.

Non-Violent, assertive, positive communication skills and with this, all relationships gain a new, positive level of understanding and acceptance.

Resolve and transform fears (conscious and unconscious) into positivity.

Eliminate and transform old rooted conscious and unconscious beliefs, patterns and behaviors.


How I can support you in:Business:

I am #yourmarypoppins. Whatever the challenge you face I am coming to organize, solve it, clear the so-called „mess" and with this bring your business to the next level.


My successes: Behavior, competence, and motivation of employees improved and with this a positive working environment created.


High customer loyalty and retention achieved.


Termination of agreements/contracts reduced to a minimum. This in worldwide competitive markets. 


New contracts signed with higher prices than average market prices.


Improved communication within the teams, departments and the company including resilience and strengthening of the resources.

Intercultural understanding and awareness.

Find your passion! Live life fully.



  • Swiss-born, living in Zurich. I love my heritage of my Swiss-German mother from Zurich in combination with my Swiss Italian father from Gandria, Ticino, with Italian ancestors far back. 

  • Business-wise, I am very Swiss German: Punctual, to the point, straightforward and precise. 

  • Private my Italian side reveals itself. My joy of life filled with peals of laughter and talking with hands.

  • I have gone from growing up filled with love, trust, and liberty, to have it all, to broke and back again to success!

  • My positivity is a key trait of mine which is always mentioned by my friends, clients, my co-workers or random people I am meeting. 

  • I am embracing life with all it's incredible opportunities and wish you to do so too! 

Isabella Maria Bordoni, Int. Empowerment & Business Coach, Cert. Hypnotherapist #RTT, transforming fears, blocks


 Anita Geiser:










As a Health-Wealth-Awareness Coach  I also have to get a new point of views in life.

Isabella was and is tome an inspiring woman. She has the right sense to coach someone individually. I had that moment with her atthewonderfulzurich-lake. It totally fit to me. As a coach, you have to realise the individual moment for your clients. This coaching-session was a door-opener for me...

thankyouIsabella for this unforgettable moment. You are doing a great job... BRAVO!


 Aziza White:










I met Isabella by chance when she was talking to someone in the bathroom at a JT Foxx event in London. She was sharing what she had learned about turning your fear into your power. I am so glad I took the opportunity to listen to what she had to say and connect with Isabella - her sessions have enhanced my life from the inside out.


Isabella's way of helping you deal with your fears is unique. She says that she is not a guru, but what she does is help you raise awareness of your feelings and then find the key to the gate of freedom so you can begin to let that fear go. Over the 9 weeks coaching programme I was given exercises to do during the week and had a weekly call with Isabella to talk about my progress. Every call was was powerful, enlightening and insightful.  The exercises were simple and effective that make you go deeper and challenge you. I am now able to observe my thoughts and decide in the moment what is my response, rather than being driven by emotions.  The sessions also helped raise my self-belief and celebrate my strengths and qualities.  Isabella is an intuitive person who gives you a safe space to be vulnerable in an empowering way.  I really felt as if we were on the journey together and I will miss our weekly calls. Thank you Isabella. 

Sandra Helleu:

I have had the pleasure of knowing Isabella Bordoni for over ten years while she was the executive assistant to Prince Michael Massalsky, CEO of Swissline and former president of La Prairie.


Isabella's interpersonal skills were an asset when dealing with agents from around the globe. She ended up even becoming a genuine friend of mine.


Her vivacious and positive energy has always been shining bright and inspiring those around her. Despite her own life challenges, Isabella has always been standing up strong, focused and ultimately totally in control of her destiny with her bright and so upbeat spirit.


She has always had the patience, calm and wisdom to inspire me during my own ups and down. S. Helleu

Harpreet Chana:











Isabella is a warm, passionate and caring woman who is not afraid to give you a swift kick up the backside when you need it most...all the qualities of an amazing coach!


A chance meeting led to Isabella agreeing to coach me through a period of great upheaval in my life.


Her 9-week program of specific exercises and weekly encouragement during our calls helped to realign my focus on those things that really matter most helped me to embrace my fears and make the leap from employment into launching my own consulting business. 

Isabella draws on her own unique life experiences to help inform her coaching practice and this is what makes her so inspirational to her students. I found our weekly calls to be hugely motivational and a source of great support. I continue to use what I have learned every day and to practice the art of positivity and inner strength.


Isabella empowered me to make some big changes for the better and has been a fantastic influence in my life, she really is The Empowerment Coach.




Eveline Lutz:








Isabella ist eine wunderbare Frau und ich kann sie und ihre Passion, anderen Menschen eine Stütze und Inspiration zu sein, von Herzen empfehlen.


Als Gastreferentin durfte ich mit ihr den Frauenabend mit "Womansupportsmothers" zum Thema "Entdecke die schönen Facetten deines Frauseins" durchführen. Die Organisation war top, Zuverlässigkeit und Verbindlichkeit genauso, wie man es sich von einer guten Zusammenarbeit einfach wünscht! Danke vielmals! Ich kann die Isabella Maria Bordoni Events, sei es als Besucherin oder als Gastreferentin nur empfehlen. Isabella berührt mit ihrer herzlichen und offenen Art – man fühlt sich einfach wohl in ihrer Gegenwart.


Auch im persönlichen Business-Coaching zu den "Benefits" hat mir Isabella mit ihrer klaren und strukturierten und doch sehr herzlichen und leichten Art sehr geholfen. Sie verfügt über das nötige Feingespür und die Gabe, Menschen mit ihrer Erfahrung und ihrem Wissen erfolgreich zu unterstützen.


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