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Commercial Building at Night

Break Free Booster for CEOs,

Female Leadership, Business Owners

Have you started a business wholeheartedly and now it sucks?

Or has it become a challenge to gain and keep clients? 

Are your employees shutting down?

Are you working endless hours, believing it's a must to succeed?

Has negativity taken over instead of passion and prosperity?

Are you lashing out at people when they interrupt you, say no or are in disagreement?

Build a successful business! I show you how!

6 key benefits of working with me:

  • Together we untie the knot and bring a clear structure as well as amazingly simple solutions on how to proceed.

  • We turn disappointment and irritation into power and creativity.

  • We install a new mindset and with this your employees become motivated and with this, the company expands.

  • You feel light, positive and energized and with the tools given you start to build your business in a healthy way.

  • Communication becomes easier, team building and a mindful, respectful, positive work atmosphere are achieved.

  • You are forgetting to check your mobile phone constantly because you are so busy doing what you love.



  Schedule a FREE 15 min consultation today and discover how I can help.


Here's what my clients say:

Anita Geiser.jpg

The session with Isabella was a door opener for me ...

As a Health-Wealth-Awareness Coach, I also have to get a new point of views in life.

Isabella was and is to me an inspiring woman. She has the right sense to coach someone individually. I had that moment with her at the wonderful Zurich lake.

It totally fit me. As a coach, you have to realise the individual moment for your clients. This coaching-session was a door-opener for me...

Thank you, Isabella, for this unforgettable moment. You are doing a great job... BRAVO!


—   Anita Geiser

Schedule a FREE 15 min consultation today and discover how I can help.

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