Break free booster for mothers 

Are you a devoted mother and life sucks right now?


Are you feeling overwhelmed with your baby and your career?


Are your children leaving their nest?


Do you feel torn between controlling them all the time or are you feeling devastated and lost?


Do you fear to become useless?


Even worse end up all alone? 


I have been through all these processes and know them all too well.


First as a mother with two children becoming teenagers, both starting to ignore me, wanting to liberate themselves and a husband who had other interests than being with me. 


All I felt was lost and lonely, helpless and obsessed with starting to control them by text messages, questioning or worse screaming out in anger when they walked away or did not respond properly! Starting to withdraw into my own world and become silent, sad and depressed was my other way to deal with this challenging situation. I was stuck in the same repeating pattern day in day out until I found my passion! This was my life changer!



Build a life of your own! I show you how!


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Evolve from family servant to becoming so busy you forget to check your phone.

What my clients say:

Aziza White

I met Isabella by chance when she was talking to someone in the bathroom at a JT Foxx event in London. She was sharing what she had learned about turning your fear into your power. I am so glad I took the opportunity to listen to what she had to say and connect with Isabella - her sessions have enhanced my life from the inside out.


Isabella's way of helping you deal with your fears is unique. She says that she is not a guru, but what she does is help you raise awareness of your feelings and then find the key to the gate of freedom so you can begin to let that fear go. Over the 9 weeks coaching programme I was given exercises to do during the week and had a weekly call with Isabella to talk about my progress. Every call was was powerful, enlightening and insightful.  The exercises were simple and effective that make you go deeper and challenge you. I am now able to observe my thoughts and decide in the moment what is my response, rather than being driven by emotions.  The sessions also helped raise my self-belief and celebrate my strengths and qualities.  Isabella is an intuitive person who gives you a safe space to be vulnerable in an empowering way.  I really felt as if we were on the journey together and I will miss our weekly calls. Thank you Isabella. 

 Schedule a FREE 15 min consultation today and discover how I can help.


Evolve from family servant to becoming so busy you forget to check your phone.

Isabella Maria Bordoni

Rapid Transformational Therapist #RTT,

Certified Hypnotherapist (C.Hyp) 

International Empowerment and Happiness Coach


Languages: Swiss-German, German, English


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