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How an 84 -year- old man changed my life

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

First of all, I am a happy mother of two amazing children, blessed with an adorable daughter-in-law and an even happier grandmother!

Gone from growing up filled with love, trust, and liberty, to having it all, to broke and back again to success!

My story is encouraging and proof of how one can go from having it all, to falling and to having the power, courage & strength to be strong, convinced, and rise back up again!

How did I manage to turn my life once again?

I remember that moment so well eleven years back when I was lying on the floor of my new apartment, feeling lost and lonely, broken in my heart, tears running down my cheeks when I realized that all I worked for until that moment had fallen apart.

My marriage fell apart, our company had to be liquidated and I lost my well-paid job too yet had another three months to go until my last day at the company.

At this moment I vowed to myself that no matter what, I am not giving up. Instead of having lunch with my co-workers, some of whom have betrayed me, I decided to visit an elderly home and have lunch with a lonely person there each day until my three months were over. One person, an 84- year- old, well-groomed man was pleased to have lunch with me and I must tell you, this was the best decision I took in my moment of despair. He has led me the way lovingly to understand more of life and its meaning, given me inspiring books, talked about his life journey, and from there on like the first precious pearl in a pearl chain, my journey started to become the person I am now.

It was a dumpy, challenging road and still is sometimes, yet it was all worth going. I see life differently now and know exactly how it can feel when everything falls apart or when we do not value ourselves enough, give relentlessly until we are worn out, or become the control freak with our children when they become challenging teenagers, instead of trusting our skills as parents.

In moments of despair, when life falls apart and we seem to have no more strength and rather would give up for good, it is the very best and most healing to look out for how we can help others. The only thing that was left was my humor and I thought why not make a lonely person happy by spending lunch with him/her. As it turned out this person was the initiator of my new, healing journey to myself.


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