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Homeless in London

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

I wanted to attend a 4-days event in London two years ago and

made it on stage despite the obstacles I faced upon arriving there.

Imagine you are feeling happy and looking forward to your "four days event "45 days on stage" in London to overcome your fears of public speaking.

You embark on your flight. You are looking forward to booking into your room, dropping your suitcase and then guess what has happened?

My room got canceled at 8 pm Friday. I could not believe it! There I was with my luggage and my small dinner bought at Marks & Spencer's Foodhall. I stamped, screamed, was nearly into tears, and felt devastated.

Until, yes, I got my power back and did not give up on finding a room. I asked a person sitting on a bench in front of a Pub about the next hotel. He instructed me to walk down the road for a while. I tried several places. They were all booked out.

Finally, I found one for one night only instead of five. The person at the desk explained that they are all fully booked in London from Saturday on, due to a bank holiday and a world champion boxing match happening.

I got to my room, forced myself to check on the internet for available rooms, and did not give up until I found one for four nights. How happy I felt.

Saturday, I left the event early to get the room. I was arriving at 07.30 pm, Same again. The room was not available for me. It was a double booking!

How could this be? I sat down in disbelief.

Luckily I had the phone number of someone I met at the event. I called and explained my situation. Even though we only met at the event, this person invited me to share her room with her for two nights.

What a relief. I could not believe my luck and felt overwhelmed with gratitude!

Book the two remaining nights were easy. The bank holiday was over. So was the boxing championship.

After presenting my story, People asked me how I managed to stay in my power and not give up instead, which would have been less heartache.

The result was that they wanted to be coached by me.

That is how my professional coaching started. I have coached hundreds of people during my life, yet this was the magic moment to take it to the next level and inspire many more people, including you.

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