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Never give up

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Challenging time!

Throwback 15 years ago.

What do you see when looking at my photo below?

A happy, confident woman who has reached her dream? 🤗


is content with her life? 🤔

Truth is:

This was the year when my life completely shattered!

Divorce happened!

The company shared with the husband had to be liquidated by me.

I had to take over depths.

Lost my well-paid job!

All within a short time.

Why do I post this?

To inspire 😊

To prove that no matter what happens we can get up and start over again.

It’s worth it to look out for the smallest positive thing, even if it means finding the needle in a haystack!

To look out for whom we can support maybe „only“ with a smile instead of drowning in self-pity 🙏

To seek opportunities and take jobs that are „below our education“ or what we think is appropriate for us.

To live day by day and be grateful for what we have or still have 💕

To never give up and keep our dreams alive 🌺

To have faith and work on ourselves until we reach the stage of self-love 💗

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