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Eight tips to staying inspired every single day!

To calm down. Centre yourself.

Are you feeling stressed?

Does your mind never shut down? 

Are you feeling sad?

Are you feeling worried about your future?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and overlooked?

Uncover my unique approach.

Check it out!

✅ Nature and children are my true inspiration. ❤️

✅ I daily walk in the forest. Japanese have a word for "forest bathing": shinrin-yoku. As you can imagine from the translation, it just means losing yourself thought-wise in the forest while enjoying the air, the scents, the vegetation, the sky, and the sounds of birds and animals that live there. 🌳

✅ My soul feels nourished when treasuring the beauty of a busy bee or simply by BEING. Sometimes, I even turn around like a little girl, full of joy, my arms wide open until I feel dizzy. It makes me feel pure happiness and joy and causes waves of laughter. 🐝🦋😄

✅ Children, I love them because they teach me to treasure the moment. To fully immerse into the now and to enjoy it fully. Their laughter and curiosity make my heart sing and forget everything. 👦🧒 💝

✅ A simple way to improve my mood when feeling a bit low, which happens to everyone, is searching for inspirational quotes or listening to uplifting music.

✅ Meditating, doing yoga or making people around me smile. 🧘‍♀️ 🎶 😊

✅To count my blessings, feeling grateful for the people in my life 😍

✅ Inner peace. Over the last 17 years, I have acquired inner peace, which inspires me and which I can tap at any time. 🙏🧘‍♀️

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