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Ditch your fears

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Ditch your fears, and gain confidence down to the bone!

Don’t let #fears hold you back

Ask yourself what is it that holds you in

- a relationship that has outlived itself or is abusive

- a job you don’t like anymore

- from speaking out when you are bullied

- from taking on an overload of work

- from saying yes even though you want to say no

- from speaking in front of an audience (stage fright)

- from accepting and loving yourself

- from being authentic you

I was holding myself back with countless fears until my body broke down.

My fears were:

Fear of rejection

Fear of not being lovable

Fear of not belonging

Fear of Success

Fear of shining my light

Fear of being authentic

Fear of speaking up.

My personal tools for challenging situations:

Take a deep breath.

Take yourself emotionally out of the situation.

Rise up like an eagle and from above observe what triggers your fears.

Let some time pass to center yourself and then decide if and how you are going to act, and respond.

I usually start with I feel.

I started to observe what situations triggered my fears and looked for answers.

Some of the mines were stored in my subconscious mind with no access.

Rapid Transformational Therapy helped me to find out what beliefs I created to protect me as a child but was obsolete as the adult I am now.

My true reason for becoming one.

I love my job.

Reach out if you want to learn more.

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