Workplace bullying

Do you face workplace bullying and fear to lose your job? 


  • Can you not sleep at night?


  • Do you face severe neck pain, headache, sick and getting up in the morning is a challenging task? 


  • Are you worn out?


  • Do you fear to lose your job and are your thoughts circling around what to do next?


  • Are you worried about how to keep sane, safe and true to yourself?



I know how this all feels! The headaches, my stomach tightening already 10 meters before the office. I even could not see properly anymore and had to consult a doctor. My health deteriorated and worst, I felt completely lost. Even more, since I could not see a way out. It felt like being held in a cage with no key to open the door.


Once more in my life, the moment I ditched my pride and asked for help the pain ended and it was possible to work myself successfully through it.


Take the reigns of your life in your own hands now and







My coaching supports you all the way through to change your current situation into one of being in your own power.

Your 4 Key benefits are:


  • You gain confidence and are with me in a safe, understanding place since I know how this all feels and lived through it.

  • You know what to do, whom to contact.

  • You learn how to deal with this challenge and how to get out of it.

  • You have to power to start your new life.


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