Isabella Maria Bordoni is an International Empowerment & Business Coach,

a Certified Rapid Transformational Therapist - a Multi-Award winning Therapy,

a Certified Hypnotherapist,

a successful Businesswoman and, a compassionate International Speaker

For over 25 years she has successfully trained and coached countless adults in sales, marketing, finances, and personal development. She has been very active in mentoring junior associates in developing and maximizing their potential. Her clients are from all walks of life.


12 years ago she went through a personal upheaval time after her divorce, impacting the company she co-founded with her ex-husband. The company had to be liquidated and from one day to another, her life and that of her children shattered.


Her extraordinary skills and her strong belief that whatever you want you can achieve, made her raise back again while finding her true passion which is to empower people, change the mindset in companies and improve the lives of single mothers.


In her career of over 37 years, she held leading positions such as COO, CFO, Head of Administration, International Sales Manager in various areas such as the Swiss Government, Int. Corporates, family-owned businesses. For over 11 years she owned a Distribution Company (sportswear, fashion, mid-to luxury segment) shared with her husband. She was also excellently managing and closing Multi-Million Business Deals in the Luxury segment/commodities.


Back in 1983, Isabella was a visionary and implemented a new IT Tool, which was able to read the handwriting together with codes and automized the salary payment of approximately 350 part-time employees in the company she worked. With this, she was ahead of the game and proved to be a leader in change management.




8008 Zürich


+41 76 318 98 12

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